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RestoraPet Gives a New Lease on Life to One of the Oldest Cats in the United States

We love hearing RestoraPet “Pet Transformation” stories, and this is one of our recent favorites. Princess is a nearly 23 year old cat living in California who is receiving RestoraPet once daily in her food bowl (like many pets, Princess loves the taste of RestoraPet, so she and her dog companion run to the food bowl to lick it up, as you’ll see in the video — so cute!). After using RestoraPet for only a week, Princess began to show a significant increase in energy and flexibility, and an improvement in her overall sense of wellbeing.

Princess’ owner documented video of her jumping up on the chair and playing with the dog for the first time in years and says that Princess is acting much more youthful and invigorated.

Way to go, Princess! Best wishes to you and your family.