Introducing RestoraPet Allergy, Itch & Immune Soft Chews!

Our advanced blend of 13 active ingredients relieves the symptoms of allergies, including itching, hot spots, sneezing, and more, and regulates immune function and digestion to prevent future allergic flare ups!*

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Free your dog from uncomfortable allergy symptoms in no time. RestoraPet Allergy, Itch & Immune Support Soft Chews bring together a dynamic blend of 13 active ingredients that work together in helping reduce itching, redness, or irritation caused by allergens.

Aside from offering allergy relief, this supplement for dogs is also formulated to help assist immune system function. After just a few days of supplementation, your furry friend will be back to its playful and active self.

RestoraPet Allergy, Itch & Immune Soft Chews is proudly made in the USA and all natural, with groundbreaking ingredients like lactoferrin and n-acetyl cysteine in addition to colostrum, licorice root, quercetin, and a unique blend of probiotics, among many others. These ingredients may help boost digestive function, speed up wound healing, and protect the skin and coat.

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Regular Price: $49.95Offer Price: $34.95
Recurring Total: $49.95 / month


So why are our allergy, itch & immune soft chews the best on the market?

First, let's start out with the proof - from a pet who was suffering 24/7...

"It really works!"

Sadie has had skin problems since we rescued her over 4 years ago. Her Veterinarian did several tests for bacteria, fungus, mites, etc. and could never figure out what was causing her to lose hair in spots and constant chewing on her sides. I had just chalked it up to allergies and dry air.

By the time I finished the second month of these chews, I realized her sides were not itching her, she wasn’t chewing them and the hair was grown back. I just ordered more and will keep her on it for life. Thanks RestoraPet!

-Jeffrey H., Minnesota

That's Just ONE of MANY Stories...

(here are a few more stories, in case you're on the fence)


Absolutely love these chews

“My dog has had allergies since he was a pup. We went to the vet so many times, and they just treated the symptoms.

I started him on this RestoraPet chew and it has helped tremendously. Within less than a week I noticed that he wasn’t sneezing and itching. Two weeks after that the hot spots started to go away. I’m impressed!”

Teresa P.

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Great product, great flavor

“My little guy has always struggled with skin issues: rashes, hives, allergies—sometimes it’s seasonal and sometimes you’ve can’t predict it. This product helps tremendously.
Normally he’s extremely picky, but these chews are bacon flavor and he goes crazy when I pull out the jar. He really thinks it’s a treat. Awesome stuff—highly recommend.”


Bob H.

My Collie is better after just 3 days. Crazy!

 “I had heard about these chews through a friend that had tried it with her old English setter and seen really good results with his skin and digestion so I decided to give it a go with my baby boy. He’s an 8 yr old Collie with plenty of  issues

On day 3 and I can already see a significant improvement in his skin and his stool has gone back to normal where he had chronic issues (I guess the probiotics in this help!”

Sharice J.

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Regular Price: $49.95Offer Price: $34.95
Recurring Total: $49.95 / month


"But I don't even know if I like RestoraPet yet! Why should I try this too?"

Three Reasons!

Regular Price: $49.95Offer Price: $34.95
Recurring Total: $49.95 / month


What are the ingredients in these RestoraPet Allergy, Itch & Immune Soft Chews?

These chews contain 13 active ingredients that support healing from the inside out:

– Soothes itchy skin
– Improves skin & coat wellness
– Reduces seasonal & environmental allergies
– Improves immune function
– Regulates digestion

These chews feature a bacon flavor and are 100% natural & dye-free.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or condition.