What Is RestoraPet?

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[bs_citem title=”What is RestoraPet?” id=”citem_1c98-4771″ parent=”collapse_d0de-a3b6″]RestoraPet is the most extensively researched anti-aging pet supplement ever created, featuring a powerful blend of 12 antioxidant ingredients along with EPA/DHA (Omega 3 fatty acids) and linoleic acid (Omega 6).

Each bottle of RestoraPet contains 50 milligrams of Vitalitrol™, a remarkable proprietary lipofullerene antioxidant that begins working from the very first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect nearly every single cell in your pet’s body.

The result is a restoration of optimal cellular function with noticeable effects including quick and dramatic improvements in activity level, playfulness, appetite, coat condition, flexibility, and a significant reduction in pain.[/bs_citem]
[bs_citem title=”How Does it Work?” id=”citem_516e-d9eb” parent=”collapse_d0de-a3b6″]RestoraPet features the most comprehensive, maximum strength proprietary antioxidant blend ever discovered.

What is an antioxidant?

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons or hydrogen from a substance to an oxidizing agent, such as parts of a cell. Such reactions produce “free radicals,” causing chain reactions that can damage or destroy a cell. Antioxidants terminate such reactions by removing free radical intermediates and inhibiting other oxidation reactions.

Pets (as well as humans and other animals) have the capability to reduce some of the effects of free radicals on their own, but this capability continuously weakens as animals age. Without proper intervention, the result is the process that we know as “aging,” in which an animal experiences a decrease in energy, an increase in pain, an increased risk of cancer and other ailments and degradation of all bodily functions.

The problem with many conventional antioxidants is that, after inactivating a free radical, the antioxidant itself becomes a free radical!

RestoraPet is different

One of RestoraPet’s key active ingredients, Vitalitrol™, is a proprietary “super antioxidant,” each molecule of which is able to neutralize 30-60 times more free radicals than other antioxidants without ever becoming a free radical itself. Furthermore, the 11 additional antioxidant ingredients in RestoraPet work synergistically with Vitalitrol™ to protect all vital tissues and organs in your pet – with the aid of Vitalitrol™, RestoraPet’s proprietary antioxidant blend is able to freely pass through cell membranes and access cellular structures that other antioxidants simply cannot reach. The addition of EPA, DHA and linoleic acid for optimal coat and skin health make RestoraPet the most comprehensive pet supplement ever.

[bs_citem title=”Quick and Dramatic Changes With RestoraPet” id=”citem_0119-1b36″ parent=”collapse_d0de-a3b6″]A key effect of RestoraPet on your pet is increased energy, which is accomplished by accessing and restoring optimal function of the mitochondria, the cell’s vital cellular energy house. By combining this effect with RestoraPet’s uniquely powerful antioxidant activity throughout the entire body, your pet’s vital organs, including the heart, lungs, brain and nervous system, liver, kidneys, and sensory organs are all able to perform the reparative work that free radicals prevented them from doing. The leads to optimal functioning of your pet’s entire body, inside and out, the result of which is a scientifically proven prolongation of your pet’s lifespan.

RestoraPet literally adds years to your pet’s life and life to their years.

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[two_third]In addition to a maximum strength dose of the breakthrough ingredient Vitalitrol™, RestoraPet includes a proprietary blend of 11 other key antioxidants that support:

  • Ubiquinol (CoQ10) – healthy circulation, energy, optimized immune function, gastrointestinal health, healthy gums.
  • All 4 Tocopherols and All 4 Tocotrienols (Complete vitamin E) – healthy immune system, cardiovascular health, connective tissue health, cellular and respiratory health.
  • EPA/DHA (Omega-3) – healthy coat and skin, reduced inflammation, immune system regulation, lower blood pressure and triglycerides, healthy weight.
  • Lutein – eye health, prevention of cataracts.
  • Zeaxanthin – eye health, prevention of cataracts.
  • Linoleic acid (Omega-6) – healthy coat and skin, reduced inflammation, immune system regulation.

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RestoraPet is approved for all mammals (dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, etc.) and birds. It is not approved for use with fish and has not been extensively tested in reptiles. RestoraPet’s key ingredients have been tested and proven to be non-toxic, even at doses of more than 100 times the recommended amount.
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RestoraPet is extremely easy to give to your pet. Dosing is a simple, once daily application to your pet’s preferred food, wet or dry. Dosing is based on weight:

– Less than 10 pounds: 1 dropperful (1mL)
– 10 to 50 pounds: 2 dropperfuls (2mL)
– Greater than 50 pounds: 3 dropperfuls (3mL)

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We are extremely proud to report that RestoraPet is made from all organic, Kosher, non-GMO ingredients. RestoraPet is manufactured using extremely rigorous standards in a sterile laboratory environment.

Many pet supplement manufacturers look to find the cheapest source of their ingredients and are willing to compromise quality for price. With RestoraPet, we’ve gone out of our way to find the highest quality organic ingredients available. We manufacture RestoraPet to even more stringent standards than many human supplements because we believe pets are members of our families and deserve only the very best.

[bs_citem title=”The World’s Only Anti-Aging Pet Supplement Offered in Multiple Flavors” id=”citem_7087-7170″ parent=”collapse_d0de-a3b6″]

RestoraPet is the world’s only veterinary anti-aging supplement offered in multiple flavors based on your pet’s personal preferences. Unflavored RestoraPet has an extremely mild but pleasant and savory taste and smell. Dogs and cats rely much more strongly on their sense of smell than taste and cats lack a specific taste protein (T1R2), which makes them resistant to sweet tastes. Most pets (about 95%) don’t mind unflavored RestoraPet, but almost all pets respond to flavored RestoraPet (beef, tuna, bacon) as if it’s a treat. The choice is yours (or, more appropriately, your pet’s)!

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