Preserve & Protect Your Pet's Health

It took us more than 70 dog years to develop RestoraPet, the perfect organic antioxidant supplement. Effective for all warm-blooded pets, including dogs, cats, and horses, RestoraPet produces immediate, visible results. Made with love & science.

Unleash Your Pet's Vitality with New RestoraPet Hemp

Help your pet fight discomfort and anxiety with our newest supplement featuring full-spectrum hemp. No high, just pure, proven health benefits from organic, plant-based ingredients. Perfect for use in combination with RestoraPet for maximum effectiveness.

RestoraPet For the Life of Your Pet
  1. ✅ Perfect for all warm-blooded petsItem 3
  2. ✅ Combats inflammation
  3. ✅ Boosts immunity
  4. ✅ Improves mobility
  5. ✅ Increases muscle strength
  6. ✅ Elevates energy levels
  7. ✅ Improves skin & coat health
  8. ✅ Organic, vegetarian & GMO-free
  9. ✅ Supports happier, healthier pets
  10. ✅ Veterinarian-approved formula
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Better Living for Your Pet at Every Age

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A breakthrough blend of 12 antioxidants along with EPA and DHA, each bottle also contains 50 milligrams of Vitalitrol®, a remarkable carbon-based antioxidant that begins working from the first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect every cell in your pet’s body, visibly improving quality of life. Give it to your pet once daily, preferably in the morning, directly by mouth or mixed with his or her preferred food. Available in unflavored, bacon and beef.

RestoraPet Hemp

The world’s only full-spectrum hemp supplement blended with a synergistic dose of Vitalitrol®, turmeric, CoQ10, and black pepper extract for maximum absorption, rapid results and total body wellness. Give it to your pet once daily, preferably before bed, directly by mouth or mixed with his or her preferred food. We specially formulated RestoraPet Hemp to complement original RestoraPet for maximum benefit. Available in unflavored and bacon.

Real Pets. Real People. Real Love for RestoraPet.

sky french fry testimonial

“I have been using this supplement for both my 1 year old bully mix and my 3 year old Boston Terrier. My Boston has been to the vet several times for a limp she has on and off. She has it every time she runs around too much We’ve been using RestoraPet in her food every day for 60 days and we haven’t seen her limp in over a month!”

– Sky (@skyfrenchfry)

testimonial simba photo

“After taking RestoraPet for about a week, Simba, our 11 year old Maine Coon, started jumping up on the couch again for the first time in years and then she started greeting us at the door for the first time in at least a year. Then she started bringing us her fuzzy mouse toy and wanting us to play with her. We got our kitten back!”

– Bruce F

Our Story

RestoraPet was born from the incredible love between an owner and his pet. After our founder Brian Larsen’s cherished Siberian husky, Bandit, developed severe arthritis and terminal bone cancer, he began a decade-long mission to develop effective, safe, all-natural supplements to preserve and protect pets. We believe all pets deserve the very best, so our products go through rigorous testing for guaranteed results. Today, RestoraPet has helped thousands of animals in more than 100 countries worldwide.

How does RestoraPet Work?

Our unique blend of powerful antioxidants gets inside your pet’s cells, accessing parts including the mitochondria (the energy factory of all cells), that other supplements simply can’t reach, delivering potent benefits:

  • Fights inflammation
  • Bolsters immune system
  • Increases mobility
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves skin & coat health
  • Encourages a calm sense of well-being
  • Organic, delicious, easy to administer
restorapet on horses

Does RestoraPet Work on Horses? Of Course!

RestoraPet is proved effective for all warm-blooded animals, so in addition to house pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, birds and more, beloved barnyard companions including horses and goats can also benefit from our incredible antioxidants. For larger animals, be sure to contact us for help calculating dosage and other details.

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