zaika enjoys restorapet


“To say Zaika enjoys RestoraPet is an understatement. She LOVED licking her bowl clean to make sure she got every last drop of the beefy goodness.
It did wonders for her coat! Everyone complimented how soft she felt! As for her energy, it turned my bunny into the Energizer bunny. I felt like she was bouncing off the walls all the time (not that I minded)!”


Anna May Fairchild
Tuscaloosa, AL

My 11 year old large breed dog, Bear, used to always fall down when attempting to walk any distance. Within two weeks on RestoraPet, he is not only walking better and longer distances but running, his appetite has returned to normal, his breathing is more even and deeper, his coat is shiny and soft and his nails are growing very rapidly. Bless your heart for RestoraPet, it’s proven truly phenomenal!

Sharon Cain
San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for RestoraPet! I cannot believe what an amazing turnaround we’ve noticed in Oscar (our 12 year-old Tabby). For the last year, Oscar has been getting progressively slower and no longer jumps into bed like he has for his entire life. It is so painful to watch your pet progressively deteriorate and we felt helpless. We thought it was hopeless, but my husband and I started giving Oscar RestoraPet about a month ago, and I cannot believe how quickly he has turned around. He’s back to eating like he did before, his fur is silky soft, and two nights ago he jumped into bed with us. I was in disbelief! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

sky's testimonial in restorapet

Sky (@skyfrenchfry)

I have been using this supplement for both my 1 year old bully mix and my 3 year old Boston terrier. My Boston has been to the vets several times for a limp she has on and off. She has it every time she runs around too much.

We’ve been using RestoraPet in her food everyday for 60 days and we haven’t seen her limp in over a month!

anonymous amazon customer highly recommends restorapet products

Anonymous Amazon Customer

My dog Stella is a very active dog and I want to make sure she takes a quality supplement for her activity level. I noticed with the first dose of taking RestoraPet she had extra energy while we were training and we trained longer than usual.

Plus, I know she’s getting the proper amount of antioxidants as well. I highly recommend RestoraPet for your dogs needs.

Anonymous Amazon Customer

I found this product here on Amazon, read the positive reviews & decided to try it for my 13yr old minpin with arthritis. She has really slowed down recently & seems off.
She’s not her usual happy, playful self. It’s heart breaking. She has been on one dropperful for a week now added to her dinner.

I can’t believe the difference. Her spunk has come back, she seems happier & more willing to interact with us. I am thrilled!! I am definitely a believer in this product.


RestoraPet is awesome. My dog completely stop walking on her hind leg and was in some much pain. I took her to the vet and was told she has arthritis in hip and needed anti inflammatory meds. I was told that the meds can cause liver problems and that is when I decided to use something natural and I am so glad I did.

This product has my Lab up and running. She is pulling me down the street like she use to. I still limit her activities because of diagnosis but she is so much better.

restorapet showing wonderful results to tobi


RestoraPet is doing wonders for my chihuahua. He is more active, energetic and has an increased appetite. This product has a powerful antioxidants proven to produce quick and dramatic improvements in activity level, playfulness, appetite, coat condition and flexibility, as well as a significant reduction in pain. Which is great because Toby just had a hip replacement surgery.

Toby is sharing this product with his cousins who are pretty old and experiencing pain as well. We can for sure see the difference of using and not using this product in the food!

bitsy is now more energetic

Anna Ito

I was introduced to RestoraPet and was at first concerned that there might not be any noticeable difference, but was encouraged to see for myself if there was any perceptible improvement.

After about 10 days it was clear that Bitsy was not sleeping as much and was more energetic during her activities… she was running around more… started interacting/playing with the cat again… clearly more attentive, especially when family or friends would visit… and began hopping up on our chair with ease again. The longer she’s been using RestoraPet, the more she progresses.

We are all so happy that Bitsy’s quality of life has been given such a boost, especially during her latter years. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product.


RestoraPet is truly amazing. Our 7 year old English Golden had a terrible limp -orthopedic vet said it was a shoulder issue and recommended surgery.

A friend recommended RestoraPet and within two weeks the limp was gone and he is back to his active, happy self. More puppy like energy and NO surgery!

I have recommended RestoraPet to many of my friends with dogs! So happy to have found this fantastic product! Thank you!

mesaboogiebaby thanks restorapet


“Thanks to RestoraPet I am back to my silly playful self again! My coat is as shiny and black as ever, I am running around like a young chick that I am and holding my own w my brother!
And did I mention the bacon flavor is to die for?”

kneesaa is happy with restorapet products


Kneesaa’s face says exactly how we feel about RestoraPet products! We cannot say how amazing this product has been for both of my pups. Salvy has had an old many cranky personality since we’ve adopted him at 9 months old. He will rarely initiate play or run zoomies through the house. He will definitely not go on long runs with Mom and prefers short little walks.

That has all changed. Salvy has done things every day this week that I usually don’t see him do more than once a month. He has become super playful with toys, he as initiated running on our walks, and he has all around been more active and less “anxiety ridden.” For this reason alone, we will be repurchasing and will recommend to everyone.

Jennifer P.

Absolutely Changed My Geriatric Chihuahua’s Life

I cannot say enough about this product. My geriatric Chihuahua has improved greatly since she has been on this. Her eyes are brighter, she is eating, she responds to her favorite pastime “walk”. She has become more alert and moves about and interacts with her brother and sister. This product has changed my fur babies life. I highly recommend to give this a try if you have any fur babies. The manufacturer has responded to any questions I had about their product in less that 24 hours. I highly recommend this product!!!

Leigh O.

Got this antioxidant supplement for my aging cat because she has been going downhill for a while. I didn’t know whether it would actually help or if there would be visible results, but I have to say there is. She’s only been using it for a few weeks but I already see more energy, and just a general overall sense of well-being. She seems happier and more alive again. And she is 16 years old! Very impressed by this stuff.

Jodie Fielding

I started my 14 year old dog (Gizmo) on RestoraPet, and what a HUGE improvement for him. His coat looks much better and also more improvements in his flexibility and mobility getting up stairs.

His activity levels have improved greatly playing in the yard running on the field; he was getting very sedentary and would just lie on the floor all day. He seemed depressed before RestoraPet; not wanting to do any of his old favorite things now that has all changed and I feel I have my old friend back. He is also sleeping much more soundly.

Jada Coulter

I can’t rave enough about what this product has done for my fur babies; it’s amazing! I have a 12yr old Doberman with Wobbler’s who’s gait and arthritis have worsened over the last year and this product has made him more comfortable.

I don’t want to risk surgery considering his age so I have opted for a homeopathic treatment for him. With RestoraPet and chiropractic care combined, it has made an amazing difference in life.

sharleena's amazing restorapet experience

Sharleena Swansbrough

We are thrilled to have RestoraPet taking care of my body and my youth, Although I’m young .. I’ve never felt more alive than I have with RestoraPet, not to mention it tastes amazing.

We have seen a huge improvement in my coat. We are also thrilled that we can add it to our food. Thank you RestoraPet!

Star7, Amazon

I’ve given this to my 20 year old cat with Kidney disease and now he’s eating more has has gained some weight back.

I’ve seen a definite improvement in his condition. My dog is 13 and she is more lively and seems happier.
Several of my friends have commented on it.

RestoraPet has certainly improved the quality of my beloved pets lives. It’s wonderful.

restorapet helping in kidney disease

Lisa L. Hawkins

I Swear By This Product!

My 16-year old cat has chronic kidney disease. I noticed a change in her a week after giving her this tonic. More jubilant, stronger, and happier.

Then I ran out of it for a week. She was so different that I thought she was dying. Once I confirmed that her body was functioning fine, the new bottle came in. Within a day she was back to her happy self. This stuff is the real deal!

a new life to an anonymous customer's dog thanks to restorapet

Anonymous Amazon Customer

Brought New Life To My Fur Baby

I knew with having another very active schnauzer Sara, the all black one, surgery was not an option. So, I started my research and found RestoraPet supplement and contemplated about buying this product. But finally I gave in!

I’m glad I did, cause he is definitely a new dog moving around and jumping everywhere after only been taking it for 3 weeks. I highly recommend this product to any owner that loves their fur babies and hate to see them in pain. It really WORKS and he looks forward to it every morning so It really must taste good too!

Janet Young

My old dog has been restored!! She is eating again, and gained weight, even though the Vet said she would not at her age 19 Years old, and a Yorkshire Terrier. I love her so much, and RestoraPet has helped her so very deeply! Her coat has regained it’s gloss and she is much more vigorous, I can’t thank you enough, I will leave a message on your website if you like. It sure is a Miracle in a Bottle!

Love you guys, for your care and dedication! You saved my baby, my true love, my joy and hope, and my life..I cannot thank you enough. Bless you for RestoraPet!

both lauren's 7 years and months old love the bacon flavor

Lauren LeDoux

We approve!!! The bacon flavor is great for finicky eaters Both my 7 yr old and 7 month old love it.

My 7 yr old has some extra pep in her step. My 7 month old has a beautiful shine to her coat. Its high quality and all organic ingredients make it safe and the marked dropper make it easy to use.

ozzie's blood work became normal with restorapet


Ozzie’s Comeback!

I have a 7 year old shih tzu named Ozzie. Ozzie’s liver went bad and the Vet gave my baby a 50-50 chance of living

I showed my vet a bottle of RestoraPet and he gave me the ok to give it to Ozzie. Fast forward 6 weeks Ozzie’s blood work came back normal.

I will be giving RestoraPet to Ozzie, Bosco and Lucy until they take there last breath. God Bless You!

”Mother with Love”

Our Vet Approved

On our 2nd bottle. We have an older dog who we got cataract surgery for and the doctor suggested another product. The dog would not eat it. We ordered RestoraPet.

Same type of product vet recommended. Dog likes it. Last visit to specialty vet I took the RestoraPet, she looked at the ingredients, she approved of the product. So, our older dog will now be on this product for life.

anonymous amazon customer is loving restorapet

Anonymous Amazon Customer

This product is really awesome. I have 3 dogs and they are all different breeds. My pit/lab mix has always struggled with skin issues; rashes, hives, allergies- sometimes it’s seasonal and sometimes you can’t predict it.

This product helps with not only that, but my father in laws dog is a huge 105lb American bulldog, and she has hip dysplasia and constant pain- it’s been helping her with that too! Awesome stuff- highly recommend.

Alice Trigiani

We have been using RestoraPet for about one month with our 2 cats. They are young and have many adorable moments of running and playing as they were when they were kittens.

Since using RestoraPet for one month we have already noticed how gorgeous and shiny their coats have gotten.

The other noticeable difference is with Oliver’s behavior. He came to us being timid and more aloof. In the past month we noticed that he was behaving more relaxed in social situations and the best part is that he now comes over to us, marks us and then let’s us pet him and cuddle with him.

I recommend RestoraPet after using for just one month, because if they are already looking healthier on the outside then I know they are doing better internally. I am so happy to start them earlier on a healthy regime and am spending the money monthly on RestoraPet instead of buying pet health insurance. I know in the short and long term, this will be the best investment in our pets healthcare.

Anonymous Amazon Customer

RestoraPet has made an incredible difference in the quality of our senior dogs lives. Our chihuahua mix, 16 years old and our Boxador, 14 years old are more alert and seem to be more agile. We will never be without RestoraPet.

It may seem to be a little “pricey” but it is worth every penny to us to have our beloved pets interacting with us and each other again and showing interest in what is going on…no more of the staring blankly into space and sleeping day and night. We highly recommend this product.

Anonymous Amazon Customer

This liquid is nothing short of amazing. The first few doses, with my two Birman boys who are getting older, started acting like kittens again. Running around and chasing each other wildly. My 2 boys are in near perfect health, but I bought this on the premise it will guard against illness and disease later in life, therefore saving on high medical care costs.

I believe 29.99 is worth every cent to save 100s in older age. Not only that, stronger health means longer life. This product is for any age pet, not just senior ages. I’ll keep my 2 boys on it so I don’t have to go through agony and heartache later in the future trying figure out what’s wrong and we have more time together.

It’s by far the strongest defensive health benefit you can give your loved ones.

Lauren James

I bought this for my 8 year old Chocolate Lab. He seemed to be a little stiff when he would get up.

Since he has been taking this product, he is more energetic and doesn’t seem to have any difficulty standing up anymore. He loves the flavor.

I will be sure to keep giving this to him.

improved energy thanks to restorapet

Mike & Charlotte Swap

The years were taking their toll on both of our Australian Shepherds. Stormy stopped jumping up and walked slowly when she came into the house. She would start to tire out a little over half way around the block. Sammy was slower chasing his ball. He didn’t jump up like he used to. Sammy would tire out about ¼ of the way around the block. Neither of them played much with the other dogs.

Since introducing RestoraPet to both of them a month ago, there has been a huge change in each of them. Stormy makes it all the way around the block. She is playing and running around with the other dogs. Sammy almost makes it around the block. He is chasing after his balls again, running and wanting to do more. Both have more energy. It is amazing to see this change in such a short period of time.