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Let’s be honest: there is no placebo effect for a pet. When using a supplement, your fur baby’s quality of life either improves or it doesn’t. At RestoraPet, we’re so confident that you’ll see a noticeable improvement that we offer a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

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RestoraPet AM Formula

Our AM formula is the product that started it all. Ten years of research, nearly 8 years on the market and 100,000+ happy customers later, this groundbreaking formula remains a fur-vorite. An organic, USA-sourced blend of 12 antioxidants along with EPA and DHA, our AM formula works at a cellular level from the very first dose to improve cellular functioning (and mitochondrial metabolism, for you science nerds). Available in bacon, beef, unflavored, tuna, and apple-carrot flavor options. 

GOOD FOR: pets of all ages, breeds, sizes, and situations. Our most universal product.

Amazing product! Highly recommended

Amazing product!! Bella's health got so much better. She is not sleeping all day, she is more alert, getting up faster and her vision is better!! -Cecilia Cabrera

We love it

You all have outdone yourselves. Has been good for our girl's pain, inflammation, and energy, and she absolutely loves the bacon flavor 🤩 -@cherishedkitties

healthy and effective

We have noticed that Max’s coarse hair along his spine has gotten smoother since using this, and you can see that he is feeling better every day. We recommend this to everyone. - @myherdingpack

Incredible for cats

I have a 14 year old tabby. He is finicky about what he eats, but licks the bacon flavored clean. After about two weeks of using it, he has noticeably more energy, his eyes are much clearer and his fur looks much glossier. Highly recommend! -Walter Reynolds

Tasty and beneficial

Within 2 weeks, she’s got more pep in her step and our walks are getting longer and longer. She has more energy overall... we are very happy with the results! - @2Husketeers

Feeling like a pup again

Thank you so much, RestoraPet ! I’m loving this organic supplement! I have severe arthritis and have to deal with pain on the daily. It's been less than a month and I am acting and feeling younger than I have in many years. -Kai Manzano

RestoraPet Hemp PM Formula

RestoraPet Hemp PM is the perfect companion to our AM formula. Containing a groundbreaking blend of full spectrum hemp and additional complementary ingredients including organic turmeric (95% curcuminoids), black pepper extract for maximum absorption, CoQ10, and Vitalitrol, RestoraPet’s PM formula works throughout the body to reduce inflammation, from a cellular level upwards. These natural, organic ingredients reduce stress & anxiety, support hip & joint function, strengthen the immune system, and improve digestion.

GOOD FOR: pets of all ages, breeds, sizes, and situations. Like RestoraPet AM, this is a universal product.


playing and running around like puppies

I started adding this to my 12 and 8 year old dogs food. After a few weeks I could notice a difference. And after a month they were playing in the yard like they used to years ago. I'm so happy to see them having a great time running around! -Veronica

it really, really works

My husky had been limping on her front leg for over a year after an injury. I have had her on different supplements for joints and nothing has gotten rid of the limp just made it less severe. I decided to give RestoraPet a try based on reviews and I couldn't be more pleased. The limp is gone and after 3 months my girl can jump through the agility hoop again!!!

tastes good and good for them

RestoraPet PM is a real treat in our house. I was surprised that both of our dogs loved the smell and taste. Beneficial for anxiety and overall wellness

genuinely amazed at this product

I noticed a difference almost immediately in my cats! With this product, one is not taking as much antacids for her nausea which is great and her appetite couldn’t be better, and my skittish cat comes out more and is not scared to venture out beyond her hiding spot. We love this product! - @losfelizbeebs


Allergy, Itch & Immune Soft Chews

Presenting the all-in-one solution for addressing the four most common pet-related concerns: allergies, itching, immune function, and digestion. Fur parents rarely realize that there’s a critical relationship between their beloved pet’s digestion, immune system, and allergic response, but these areas are all completely interrelated.

RestoraPet’s Allergy, Itch & Immune Support Chews work at the source to ensure a healthy immune response while simultaneously reducing allergies and itching and promoting healthy digestion. These tasty chews (like all RestoraPet products) are proudly manufactured in the USA from US-sourced ingredients.

Glad we gave these a try!

Started these chews on a Tuesday. By Friday, we noticed that he had almost completely stopped itching himself and by the following Monday his skin was starting to clear up. He seems to be so much more comfortable now. Can't believe how well these have worked! - Matt R.

My dog was better within 3 days

I was surprised when I saw these chews, because I never considered allergies, digestion, and immunity to be related but I suppose it makes sense. My GSD pup had the trifecta of issues with all three areas. Digestive problems, sneezing, itching, you name it. Took a few weeks but with these chews I've never seen him more content than he is now. - Anna J.

it works. it works. it works.

I'll keep this short and sweet. You mean these stop all the itching? And they're yummy? YES. - Koda

Our pup loves these

Within a few weeks, our girl's skin was looking softer and with fewer and fewer flakes and within a month she had stopped flaking completely… I am genuinely impressed. Will keep her on these indefinitely. - Helen W.

A much happier, healthier dog

Our pup has lots of issues with digestion and allergies. After getting these chews, first I noticed that he wasn't pawing at his ears or belly anymore, then I saw that he wasn't wheezing/sneezing as much, and eventually I saw the fur growing back on his ears and belly. Very, very pleased. - Kim T.

This is the good stuff

These chews from RestoraPet- are amazing. They soothed my goldendoodle's itchy skin-, helped with her constant seasonal allergies, and her digestion is flawless. I highly recommend these! - @breckindoodle