RestoraPet Allergy, Itch & Immune Support Chews – 60 Count – Bacon Flavor

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Allergies can make your dog feel weak and lethargic.

You’ve just spent a relaxing morning taking your dog on a walk. As soon as you get home, however, your furry friend starts scratching and itching all over – creating lesions and painful spots on their skin.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and natural solution for protecting your fur baby against allergens, this chewable supplement is up for the job.

Give your beloved pet soothing relief and immune support with RestoraPet’s Allergy, Itch & Immune Soft Chews.

Free your dog from uncomfortable allergy symptoms in no time. This chewable supplement brings together a dynamic blend of healthy nutrients that work together in helping reduce itching, redness, or irritation caused by allergens.

Aside from offering allergy relief, this supplement for dogs is also formulated to help assist immune system function. After just a few days of supplementation, your furry friend will be back to its playful and active nature in no time.

This health supplement stands out among others as it is the only one that contains lactoferrin and N-Acetyl Cysteine. These nutrients may help boost digestive function, speed up wound healing, and protect against free radicals that cause cell damage.

Need more time to decide? Here are more reasons to love our supplement:

🐕 Non-GMO, vet-approved formula
🐕 Suitable for dogs of all ages
🐕 May help support joint and digestive health
🐕 Backed by 7 years of experience, used by more than 100,000 dogs worldwide
🐕 Helps maintain a glossy and lustrous coat

Help your furry friend fight off their allergies and boost their immunity at the same time! Add RestoraPet’s Allergy, Itch & Immune Soft Chews to your cart NOW!