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Help your pet get back in step

Age-related joint pain can rob your pet of their zest for life. RestoraPet PM Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for dogs and cats relieves joint pain without resorting to harsh medications that leave pets lethargic and incoherent. Our veterinarian-approved formulation provides the nutritional support needed to overcome painful inflammation that deprives your pet of overall good health.

The safest, most potent treatment without a prescription

RestoraPet Hemp Oil Supplement combines a Colorado grown, organic full spectrum hemp containing beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes along with anti-inflammatory properties of EPA/DHA and Turmeric for superior joint pain relief and mobility restoration. Black Pepper Extract and CoQ10 provide antioxidant protection and enhance absorption so our hemp oil can quickly and efficiently reverse debilitating joint damage and discomfort. Hemp oil also works as a great cat or dog anxiety relief, quelling destructive chewing, nervous urination and other maladaptive behaviors. The result is a more calm and contented pet, without any high or adverse effects.

Only the finest for your 4-legged friend

RestoraPet Hemp Oil Supplement uses all-natural, organic plant-based ingredients grown in the USA. This protects your beloved pet from exposure to harmful chemicals. The result is pure, proven health benefits designed to prolong your pet’s quality of life and restore youthful vigor and enthusiasm. Used in concert with original RestoraPet Pet Supplement, this potent hemp extract oil delivers visible improvements in your pet’s quality of life in a matter of days. RestoraPet Hemp is also great at maintaining wellness in younger pets.

Give your pet the building blocks to a long and fulfilling life. Add RestoraPet Hemp Oil Pet Supplement to your cart today.

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Proudly Sourced From & Manufactured In The USA

Fast, visible relief from anxiety and discomfort

Getting relief in just days puts the pep back in your pet’s step. In addition to our organic, full spectrum hemp grown in Colorado, RestoraPet Hemp contains Turmeric (95% curcuminoids), Vitalitrol, CoQ10 and fish oil high in EPA/DHA inhibits macrophages that lead to tissue damage while dampening pain signals to the brain. Omega fatty acids also improve skin and coat health so your pet will look healthier and feel more content.

Energize your aging pet

Improve energy levels safely and naturally with RestoraPet Organic Hemp Oil Supplement for pets. Multifunctional hemp oil extract supports hip and joint pain relief, delivers anxiety relief and protects all vital organs and cellular systems for a happier, healthier and more active pet. RestoraPet is approved for all mammals including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and hamsters.

Easy, Accurate Administration and Tasty Flavors

With the calibrated dropper cap, RestoraPet Hemp Oil Pet Supplement can be dispensed directly into your pet’s mouth or added to his food. Unlike low-quality supplements that have unpleasant odors, our bacon flavored liquid drops turn your pet’s kibble into a tasty treat.

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