Team RestoraPet Membership: Earn 2 Free Bottles of RestoraPet!




Team RestoraPet is the exciting, free new membership program that offers awesome benefits and prizes just for spreading the word about RestoraPet.

Do you have an older dog or cat that is showing the signs and symptoms of aging, including pain, decreased energy, mobility issues, and other ailments? Team RestoraPet’s first incentive program offers new RestoraPet customers with older pets the opportunity to easily earn two free bottles of RestoraPet just for creating before and after videos of your pet using our product!

The process is incredibly simple:

  1. Sign up for your free Team RestoraPet membership by clicking “Add to Cart” on this page.
  2. Complete the checkout form, including answering the questions about your pet’s age and health conditions.
  3. Send us a “before” video of your pet. This is a brief 1-2 minute video that you can capture on your  preferred device (iPhone, Android, camera, etc.) showing your pet in their current, natural state. Do they limp or favor one leg? Are they sluggish, slow to get up, and demonstrate little energy? Capture those kinds of real ‘symptoms’ in your “before” video. Here are instructions for how to send us the video.
  4. As soon as you send us the before video, we’ll send you a completely free bottle of RestoraPet (and free means free: free bottle, free shipping — $0 total).
  5. Give your pet the appropriate dosage of RestoraPet once daily (we’ll send you instructions) and monitor their progress by writing down what you’re seeing. Be patient, it might take several days or up to a couple weeks before you start to notice improvement.
  6. As you begin to notice visible improvement in your pet, record it! There’s nothing more incredible and undeniable than actually seeing for yourself how much better your pet feels.
  7. Near the end of your first free bottle (3-4 weeks, depending on dosage), take a comprehensive “after” video to show how your pet is improving. Just like the before video, show us how well your pet is walking around, his or her energy level and playfulness, etc. Send us your comments and written review along with the video.
  8. Send us the “after” video and we’ll send you another completely free bottle of RestoraPet. Again, keep giving it to your pet and keep recording their progress.
  9. Near the end of that bottle, send us another video of your pet and/or your feedback about RestoraPet, and we’ll send you an exclusive discount code for your purchase of further bottles of RestoraPet (hey, we gotta make money at some point, right?).

The bottom line is simple: we’re so confident that you’re going to love RestoraPet that we’re willing to literally give it to you, completely free of charge and with no obligation, to prove that it’s the most effective pet supplement ever created. Concerned about safety? Don’t worry, RestoraPet has been tested and proven to be safe and non-toxic, even in doses far exceeding the recommended amount.

Try to find another pet supplement manufacturer that stands so firmly behind their product that they’re willing to give it to you completely for free — you won’t!

You can review the Team RestoraPet Terms and Conditions here.

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