RestoraPet Success Stories

““To say Zaika enjoys RestoraPet is an understatement. She LOVED licking her bowl clean to make sure she got every last drop of the beefy goodness.It did wonders for her coat! Everyone complimented how soft she felt! As for her energy, it turned my bunny into the Energizer bunny. I…”

- @zaika.gsd

“Thanks to RestoraPet I am back to my silly playful self again! My coat is as shiny and black as ever, I am running around like a young chick that I am and holding my own w my brother!And did I mention the bacon flavor is to die for?”

- @mesaboogiebaby

My cat Princess will turn 22 on September 12th. I have been giving her RestoraPet for about 10 days. It has been wonderful watching her become more active. She is going up and down the steps so much more freely and you can see that she is feeling better and enjoying her life more! Thank you RestoraPet!

Marea Dyson
Los Angeles, CA