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Introducing RestoraPet HEMP!

Multifunctional hemp oil extract supports hip and joint pain relief, delivers anxiety relief and protects all vital organs and cellular systems for a happier, healthier and more active pet!

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Really Quick, What IS RestoraPet Hemp?

RestoraPet Hemp is the world’s only full-spectrum hemp supplement blended with our proprietary “super antioxidant,” Vitalitrol®, turmeric, CoQ10, and black pepper extract for maximum absorption, rapid results and total body wellness.
Effects include decreased pain and inflammation, improved organ function, and decreased anxiety with a calm sense of well-being.
The product is made from organic, non-GMO, non-psychotropic, all-natural ingredients.
We specially formulated RestoraPet Hemp to complement original RestoraPet for maximum benefit. The result is pure, proven health benefits from plant-based ingredients.
Give it to your pet once daily, preferably in the evening, directly by mouth or mixed with his or her preferred food.

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So, What Is the DEAL With Hemp?

(Everyone's Selling It - Why Is It So 'Big' Right Now?)

First, let's start out with the proof - from someone who was IN pain...

We Have Our Puppy Back!

   “…About a year ago we started using the regular RestoraPet when our 10 year old Border Collie Mix (Tristan) started to slowdown and his eyes started to get cloudy. He wasn’t himself anymore. He wasn’t as playful and he had a hard time navigating the stairs at night.

   “…Fast forward about a year and we noticed that Tristan was starting to get a large mass on his hip and walking was difficult and painful. We took him to the vet and we were told that Tristan had the early signs of arthritis and the mass on his hip was a lipoma (a solid & large fat deposit). The vet told us that we’d need to think about putting him on pain medication soon as the arthritis would progress quickly and the lipoma would cause serious mobility issues.
   “I was at a little bit of a loss at what to do, the RestoraPet had done wonders on Tristans vision and energy levels and now this. I went back online and somehow RestoraPet came up on my facebook feed and I clicked the link and saw that they were promoting a new product with Hemp Oil.
   “I’ve been taking hemp oil myself for sometime now and I know the benefits for humans and when I saw that it was safe for animals and knowing the results I got with the regular formula I figured I’d give it a try. When the bottles arrived and I put them on the counter Tristan’s eyes perked right up. RestoraPet is now part of his morning ritual and he LOVES IT….
   “…Two weeks later we took him back to the vet for a followup and I knew the vet was going to be surprised and he was. Tristan was not in any pain or discomfort like he was on our last visit quite the opposite he was bouncing all over the office and acting like a puppy and the vet was shocked! He asked us what we’d done, if he was on any medication and we brought all the paperwork we had on both RestoraPet formulas with us and showed them to him.
   “…As I expected given they are natural organic products he couldn’t give his opinion but no one in that room could argue with the results.
   “…For anyone with a pet at home questioning if this product works…. I can tell you with ABSOLUTE certainty BOTH FORMULAS WORK! and I absolutely recommend it to anyone with a pet at home of ANY AGE! I can’t even imagine what Tristan’s health would be like now if I had started him on this when he was a puppy!!!!!!!!!
   “I can assure you that going forward any animal living under my roof starting day 1 will be on both products!
   “I took the time to write all of this because I know how many products are out there claiming to do a lot to make our little buddies lives better and many do nothing except take our money….
   “The photos I included were taken shortly after our vet visit so you can see how healthy and happy he is. His eyes are clear, his coat white and he’s just as sharp and attentive as he always was. I hope this review helps.”

That's Just ONE of MANY Stories...

..And That's Why Hemp Is Causing Such A Stir...

(here are a few more stories, in case you're on the fence)

Absolutely love!

“I have been using the original RestoraPet and love it… and it was recommended to me to use the RestoraPet hemp as well.

“Absolutely love it!!! Especially when you use them together… the benefits are amazing!!!

 “My dog has separation anxiety and when he’s anxious he refuses to eat anything unless I’m there. But I’m not always home and he still needs to eat… with this he eats it all right up!!! It helps his anxiety, he’s had more energy, and he’s such a happy boy!!!

 “He’s almost 5 years old and I’m hoping this will help maintain his good health and energy. Love this product and absolutely recommend to every pet owner!!”

An Overall Great Product

“Shipping was super fast which is always amazing! We love that they put in a lot of time into their products and care about what they’re putting out.

 “We’ve used other CBD/Hemp oils and treats and they worked but they also make my dogs just want to sleep. This product has worked really well for our dogs anxiety without making them just fall asleep which is really useful mostly during the day so they’re happy and calm and can still enjoy the day.”

My lab is better after just 3 days. Crazy!

 “I had heard about Restorapet Hemp through a friend that had tried it with her old English setter and seen really good results with his limping and anxiety so I decided to give it a go with my baby boy. He’s an 8 yr old lab with plenty of hip issues and he gets very skittish around any noise.

 “On day 3 and I can already see a significant improvement in his gait and he’s got more energy. Last night he slept through the night and today he seems better rested. If I can already see a difference this quickly I’m excited to see what a month will do. If he keeps it up I will definitely stay on this.

“Initially thought it was a little expensive but I’m def willing to pay the price for something that actually works for him. Couldn’t be happier!”

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Let's Try One For 23% Off - Your Card Will Be Charged $53.85


"But I don't even know if I like RestoraPet even yet! Why should I try this too?"

Three reasons:

First, there’s no risk at all to lock in this deal and stock up for later.
If, for some really bizarre reason, you don’t LOVE the results of RestoraPet and how it makes your pet feel, you have 30 days to let us know and return your bottle(s).
We’ll send you a 100% money-back refund upon return of your empty / unused jars, no questions asked. (It truly is a simple process, promise!)

Second, because 30 days goes by faster than you imagine! Especially if you’re spending more time with your pup walking, playing and enjoying your time together in years.

Lastly, because when you DO go to order more, it will be far more expensive than the deal you’re seeing here – period.

This Is The FASTER Route To Relief For Your Animal.

(pricing is the same for each flavor - but which do you prefer?)

Let's Try One For 23% Off - Your Card Will Be Charged $53.85



In addition to a maximum strength dose of the breakthrough ingredient Vitalitrol®, RestoraPet includes a proprietary blend of 11 other key antioxidants that support:
   – Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
   – Vitalitrol
   – Turmeric (95% curcuminoids)
   – Black Pepper Extract
   – CoQ10
   – EPA/DHA
RestoraPet is available in bacon, beef, and unflavored varieties. RestoraPet’s flavors are 100% natural, organic, dye-free, and kosher.